minerals for the body


TERRAMIN®is an edible mineral and detoxification product that is produced by California Earth Minerals Corporation and sold through its authorized reseller’s channels. The channels are Retail stores, e-commerce stores, Health CO-OPS, Church groups, MD’s, DVM’s and other Medical Practitioners. Each Authorized Reseller agrees to a high level of integrity and ethics before being accepted to represent TERRAMIN and associated products manufactured by California Earth Minerals.

In the past, TERRAMIN® has been called, Cal-MinTM and also ION-MIN®. These are the names used for this unique edible clay. It was the first commercial edible clay deposit discovered in the United States in the 1940's. It was initially named, "Cal-Min" in 1946, and later changed to "ION-MIN" and then TERRAMIN in 1998. Other associated brands were brought to market in the following years.The name changes indicate the evolution of the many applications for people, animals and the environment. This Premium Montmorillonite Clay deposit was originally found at a mine sight source located in the Colorado River Delta Region in the South Western part of the United States. The current product line-up includes various grades of this uniqe clay for many important applications.


Why the name changes? The history of TERRAMIN is a fascinating one, a journey fraught with many perils and pitfalls for the pioneers that fought to keep this natural product available for those for which it has proven to be so helpful.Many of the pitfalls could have prohibited TERRAMIN from being available today had it not been for the hard work and perseverance of people such as Harries Hebbard, Don and Alicia Crawford and Ray Kong. Time is the ultimate test for all things of real value and the fact that this clay product, by any name, has been used successfully since 1946. The edible minerals in TERRAMIN are time tested and have a proven efficacy. This rare "Premium Montmorillonite Clay" is found only at a specific and unique location in the U.S.

"What’s in a name?That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet";the words of wisdom spoken by a very young Juliet in the writings of William Shakespeare reveal a Universal truth; what does a name really mean? Would you agree that it is more important to consider the composition of which the name represents, rather than just the name? This truth is revealed again when the product, which is now Terramin. This name was coined as "terra" the Latin word for earth and "min", the short for mineral. This rare and special compound in its unique form with its special properties is what makes it work.

TERRAMIN delivers a superior detoxification because of its foundation in molecular structure, fully formed crystal lattice structures with huge surface areas and elevated Cation exchange capacity (CEC). These properties are important in a clay’s ability to draw out and eliminate toxins stored in a body

TERRAMIN provides superior performance in delivering macro, microand trace mineral nutrients to the body from the variety of minerals it contains. The minute clay particle size is key to the adsorbtion process within the body. Internal organs make daily demands within our body and to properly maintain it;we must supplement daily for our overall well-being. TERRAMIN contains the necessary benefits to meet these demands.

If you are considering trying an "edible clay", and the manufacturer of the clay cannot or will not provide to you with the proper compound specifications of their clay in clear terms, such as a certified laboratory analysis, then it is not advisable to consume it.

Pretty graphics and words, unsubst antiated details and cute websites are not an answer when determining the safety and efficiency of an edible nutritional clay. The answers are found in the Science, the technical specifications and the history of the clay being considered. Not all clays are the same. Some clays that may be ok to eat, fail to deliver many overall health benefits because of their natural chemical composition.TERRMAIN has the proven correct composition with the correct particle and structure size that clearly provides many health benefits. How else can you explain its proud History,the many satisfied worldwide clients and over 65 years of use? Try it for yourself and feel the difference. You be the judge and discover for yourself why others speak so highly of our all natural premium montmorillonite edible clay products. *Brand names of Clays currently being marketed by California Earth Minerals include: TerrasilkTM , TerraBatheTM , TerrapondTM , Nutramin® , TerraglacialTM , Terrapak® and EarthfoodTM plus .